Forage Hay

Price: $100/ton
Minimum order = 25 Tons = One 40 ft or Full truck load.


Forage Hay for Sale

Forage hay for sale near me. We all know hay comes either from legumes or grasses. However there is an emerging or fast growing hay from grain commonly called straw. If cut young and before the grain harvest, it can be used as hay. Thus the name forage hay. It consist of wheat, oat and barley. Forage hay is new but it is also and excellent feed source. It is commonly called grain hay. We produce big hay bales for sale in bulk. Be that as it may be, your live stocks will forever have feed if you make the decision of giving us that supply contract. Our hay farms are large enough and we have more than enough machines for faster harvesting.

Hay Type: Forage hay

Protein Content …min 18%, max 24%;
Moisture Content.. maximum 14%;
RFV… 185-195 | Low Ammonia & High Fiber

Bale Weight:

Small Square bales (140 lbs)

Large square bales (1000 lbs)

Round Big bales (1500 lbs)

Year Cut:  2020 and 2021
Cut Number: 1st and 2nd

At our paramount farm we produce the best hay for sale. We ship internationally and also use our trucks to deliver within the USA. Thus we guarantee 100% delivery where ever need be. Also, we are consistent and invite you all to come and see our farms when ever you need to order.


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