Alfalfa Hay

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Price: $140/ton
Minimum order = 25 Tons = One 40 ft or Full truck load.



Alfalfa Hay for Sale Near Me

Alfalfa hay for sale here is the best hay for milk producing live stock. Unlike Timothy hay which is grass hay, Alfalfa or lucerne hay is a perennial flowering plant in the legume family Fabaceae. It has high protein and easily digestible fiber. Thus, it is used as feed for high producing dairy live stock like cows. Alfalfa hay is also high in energy and and a good source of minerals and vitamins. This particular hay is expensive due to its nutritive value. But if you look at our alfalfa hay prices per bale you will see reasons to order immediately. However prices should never be the only pushing factor. We are farmers ourselves and we make sure the harvest is the best before we supply.

Hay Type: Alfalfa or Lucerne Hay

Protein Content …min 18%, max 24%;
Moisture Content.. maximum 14%;
RFV… 185-195 | Low Ammonia & High Fiber

Small square bales Palletized for easy handling & transport(100 lbs)

Large square bales (1000 lbs)

Round Big bales (1500 lbs)

If you are still wondering about where to buy alfalfa hay near me, then you just arrived home. We are the best producers and suppliers of a variety of hay including alfalfa. Your live stock will grow healthier and produce more milk if you feed them with our hay. Big hay bales for sale here at low cost. harsh and Order now.

Benefits of Feeding Alfalfa Hay for Sale To Horses

Among the people searching alfalfa hay for sale ,the majority want to feed horses. This is because alfalfa brings about a lot of benefits to horses which include:

  • Alfalfa hay comes with safe energy because of the fibre. Thus your horses are able to slowly release energy which makes them put on weight or use energy for maintenance.
  • Alfalfa hay contains smaller amounts of starch and sugar.
  • Alfalfa hay is a good source of quality protein. This protein contributes a high percentage to muscle building in horses.
  • Alfalfa hay contains minerals and calcium better than that from inorganic sources.
  • Alfalfa hay is a rich source for vitamins. It contains carotene which when fed to horses converts to vitamin A in the body.

14 reviews for Alfalfa Hay

  1. Colbert

    When i buy Alfalfa i usually buy Timothy too. Mixing them together reduces my expenditure but maintains milk production for my cows. Order received yesterday. I vote Paramount farm for the best deals.

  2. Bulu Cattle Ranch

    Thank you paramount farm. It was nice doing business with you all. I hope an look forward to a long business relationship.

  3. Omar and friends

    These suppliers accepted the idea of my friends and I to team up and order 2000 tons and they delivered 500 tons to each of us in different cities in the UAE. They were very understanding and patient with us. And after the order was paid for in full, they delivered after 13 days. We are all happy and support paramount farm.

  4. Nathan

    They delivered good quality hay in GA 5 days after we paid for 100 tons in full. Best Timothy hay here guys.

  5. John

    Our experience with paramount farm was not as fancy as many say. We actually received the order and we like the hay. But, the forage analysis was not 100% and also they delay time was too much for suppliers within the USA. However we thank you and look forward to better business deals.

  6. Jennifer

    Good quality hay received in Alabama. Yes!!!! Looking for a discount on my second order as promised.

  7. Carlson

    My cattle love legumes and paramount farm produces the best alfalfa hay i have seen. They also have good grass hay which a usually add a few bales to my order just for my rabbits. I have been a customer for a year now and decided to drop a review.

  8. Saeed

    I don’t want to just hype paramount farm for good hay. We already know that here in Saudi Arabia. I want to thank them for producing large bales, both square an round and so loading is balanced as no empty spaces are left. Prices are so unique and they follow up to make sure you get the best of their services. Best Alfalfa hay farmers and suppliers in the world.

  9. Zhang Wei

    We find it very difficult getting hay at a good price here in China. This is due to high demand for hay. When we heard about paramount suppliers of hay we were excited. However for the first time we had to do a test order. 20 tons of Alfalfa hay. The bales were delivered 16 days after payment. We then made another order for 100 tons which was delivered in lesser time. Ever since then this has been our only suppliers as they are consistent in both quality and availability.

  10. Gustavo

    How can farmers be so digital? It was unbelievable when they accepted Bitcoin payment. Local banks monitor and at times decline heavy transactions which is frustrating. But due to the fact that we have been buying hay from these suppliers we proposed Bitcoin, they accepted and now i see it’s even amongst the payment options.

  11. Hans

    Hay was delivered to us in Germany 12 days after we ordered 500 tons and paid for in full. We remain loyal to paramount farm.

  12. Walter

    100 tons of good quality alfalfa hay has been delivered. We are animal farmers in Arkansas and depend on paramount farm for the best hay. They are the best suppliers we have so far. Thank you guys.

  13. Hairstyles

    You made some respectable points there. I looked on the web for the difficulty and located most people will go together with with your website.

  14. Robert J Landry

    Is this place legit? Need a good supplier of Timothy and Alfalfa square bales.

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