Timothy Hay

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Price: $140/ton
Minimum order = 25 Tons = One 40 ft or Full truck load.



Timothy Hay For Sale

Timothy hay for sale near me. Have you been searching for the best grass hay for you live stock? Unlike the Alfalfa hay which are legumes, Timothy hay is grass hay which is high in fiber and low protein. Thus, it’s generally easy to digest. It is also high in energy content. We have Big Timothy hay bales for sale. Our hay is nutritive and best for your live stock. It is the best hay for horses and other live stocks not producing milk. Thus you can buy Timothy Hay for rabbits or Timothy hay for guinea pigs. Timothy hay is more expensive than other grass hay due to its nutritive value.

Protein Content …min 18%, max 24%;
Moisture Content.. maximum 14%;
RFV… 185-195 | Low Ammonia & High Fiber

Small square bales Palletized for easy handling & transport(100 lbs)

Large square bales (1000 lbs)

Round Big bales (1500 lbs)

Year Cut: 2018 , 2019 , 2020 and 2021
Cut Number: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th
Storage Method: Inside/Outside (Barn)

Are you still thinking why you should buy hay here? We have a reputation of supplying over 50 customers internationally and regularly. Talk less of those we supply within the United States. So why do you think all these people order hay from us. We have big hay bales for sale at lower prices. We have faster delivery services and we are consistent.

The Benefits of Timothy Hay for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

It is very common to see or hear many farmers comparing timothy hay and alfalfa. However, we believe they are both good and can just be better than each other in some specific aspects. Below are some benefits of Timothy hay.

  • Timothy hay has high fiber, low protein and high energy content. This makes it easily digestible. Thus, good for cattle and horse feed.
  • Rabbits and guinea pigs love timothy hay. These two animals don’t stop growing. Also they never stop chewing so Timothy hay helps wearing down their teeth. This avoid overgrown teeth which can become a problem for the animal.
  • The high fiber in Timothy hay gives small animals that chew constantly a chance not to be destructive. This fiber is able to always keep them busy.



15 reviews for Timothy Hay

  1. Joffrey

    It is not easy to meet a reputable supplier of hay. But when you meet the paramount family you get the difference. Experience as middle men then later started farming themselves. This means they actually know what they are doing. I always buy from them for quality, consistency and of course cheaper prices.

  2. Jerry

    I ordered hay from this farm to be delivered in IDAHO and they provided lading and offloading service for free. My old supplier looks for every means to squeeze some money out of our pockets. We received both square an round bales of Timothy hay.

  3. Mohammad

    We are one of the oldest customers of the paramount farm in the UAE. Started buying when they were still middle men till date when they now farm hay themselves. I think the benefits they give us are great. They could keep prices as high as they used to be but immediately they got their first cut of Timothy hay they informed us of the drop in prices since it was direct from their farms. Good people good hay good business. Thank you.

  4. Catherine

    You are right Mohammad i actually went to CA to see the farm myself and i must say it is comfortable dealing with farmers directly. They are my every month suppliers. Best Timothy/Alfalfa hay suppliers I know.

  5. Ibrahim

    Just to confirm we received 1000 tons each of Timothy and Alfalfa hay bales in Saudi Arabia. Good business with paramount farm.

  6. Ali

    We received large bales of hay in the UAE. Thank you.

  7. Maurine

    I want to share my joy with you all. Paramount farm is the best. Timothy hay received as ordered. Fresh smell.

  8. Madina

    Now this is what i call business. Efficiency and hopefully consistency. We just received our order and our ware house is loaded. Thanks to the paramount farm.

  9. Wang Xiu Ying

    They took 20 days to deliver hay to my cattle in China. I am not happy but i forgive them for one reason. They are reliable and have good quality hay. Paramount farm was recommended by a friend and think i agree and hope the delay was due to the fact that it was their first time sending to me. My friend says they took 14 days to delivery to him. So i hope next time it will be better.

  10. Teddy

    I find it comfortable and easy dealing with you guys. You are familiar with modern technology in both farming, your payment options and even supplying. I hope for a lasting business relationship.

  11. Linda

    They say first impressions last. I hope yours can last forever. You have proven to keep your words. I like honesty in business and that is your name.

  12. Thomas

    I was referred to the paramount farm by a friend. I had to ask how come his live stock were so healthy. Ordered 40 tons of Timothy hay for my first order and i must say it’s a life changing experience for my business.

  13. Ahmad

    I always survived on local hay but with increase in live stock i had to look for other options. I stumbled on this website and for the first time in our lives we ordered hay internationally. it took 15 days to deliver to the UAE but at the end of the day we received Timothy hay in its best and nutritive state. This was unexpected. 20 tons delivered. Test order confirmed will be going for a 500 tons every 2 months.

  14. Camilla

    I rely on this farm for two types of hay. Alfalfa hay for my cows and Timothy hay for my horses. They have never failed to deliver when i request. Also, they are flexible with payment in the sense that numerous options are acceptable but payment must be done in full. No jokes with these guys.

  15. Malcom

    My horses compete in many different local races. Thanks to paramount farm. I recommend them for dieting.

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